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James Richard's first ep was built upon two core tracks that James had written previously in his song writing career; these two songs being Sweet Sun and Probably Lied. With the upbeat swells of Sweet Sun and the down and dirty hook of Probably Lied, there was a lot of space  left on the Ep. James cranked out the other 5 songs on the Ep during his Senior year at Highland Park High School. Two of his good friends, Nic Colombo and Nick Royall, helped write unique parts in his songs, Coming Along (Nic C.) and The Martyr (Nick R). A lot of the song's meaning is derived from the internal struggles between faith, social consciousness, and who James really is. These facets really are shown in the darker riffs and synths in Comeback Kid, Corrupt Mind and Coming Along. Finally, Hoard the Fame was a song finished right before James left for college at Belmont University and in a sense, that is what the song entails; the experience of leaving for college and reflecting on what's happened in this fun anthem.
James ties it all together with his unique drums he plays in his dark synth lines and Tyler Joseph inspired vocals.


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